Stats.    I completed the journey from the 1st March til the 26th June –

118 days    Average 30.102  Kms per day.

Let’s backtrack to Merridin then onto  Fremantle.

I have from the 18th June till the 26th to complete the journey another 278 km.

Pleasant time in Merridin; stayed in a Motel luxury!

MaryEllen will add her comments: [I came out on the Prospector to meet Mike.  We sightsaw Saturday afternoon and Mike met a friend he hadn’t seen for decades, whom we invited to the hotel for coffee.  Said friend was relocating to the east, had bought new tires for the trip and had a split already!  On a Saturday after garages were shut, of course. Eventually he rang Mike from Norseman to say he had gone that far on his spare.  The next morning Mike left about 4am and I went back to bed.  I was told at the motel that the Uniting Church service was at 11am.  I didn’t think that was right so I arrived at 10am.  It had started at 9am and I was there at post-service coffee time, which they very kindly let me share.  Some people had heard Mike on Macca and Ray and Kay Snell made a donation and very kindly took me into their home until my train arrived.  I was glad to get home to my comfortable bed while Mike continued his voyage of cold and hard.]


Camped out at the old primary school in Doodlakine very comfortable night able to get an early start . I now set my alarm for 3.00 am and am usually on the road by 3.45 am . I have been doing 40 km /day since Cockalbiddy

Janice who I met in Norseman caught up again she had been to see the Dali Lama brought out soup and Cheese sandwiches. Must say she was a good person even before going to see his holiness.

Called into Kelleberrin Men’s Shed and met the President Rob Duncan Wanting to get there own premises. Space is a problem as they are restoring old Sunshine Harvesters as well as other things.

Hunter Bennett is an applicator for Rebound Ace & Plexipave with the wet weather in Qld he has come to WA to work

I met a Policewoman who turned out to be another guardian angel looking afterme in many ways ;she notified all the Police groups from Kelleberrin to Perth for them to look out for me. She also brought some food and a hot drink. As well as good advice. Constable Safrain is from Singapore and will be seeing her husband and daughter come here soon. She is a credit to the policeforce. Note she also came to see me arrive in Freo on her time off.    I am truly grateful.

People I met

Reg & Dorothy

Joan & Jim Topping from Bullsbrook on way to Queensland

Brendan a rigger from Moe and Stewart a carpenter they have been working on the desalanation in WA on way to similar in in Wonthagi.

Kim & Evelyn going to Kalgoolrie next Sunday

Lisa a warm hearted person stopped briefly; from the Breast Screening group. She works around different Country areas.

Met Lorraine & Richards and thier beautiful child Arie at Northam caravan park. Richard has been an underground miner while Lorraine audits banks to check what maintenance they may need. Arrie is almost 2 years old.

I had to walk 50 km to get into Northam in time for not a large reception but a very warm welcome . It was that for sure although I missed some of the crowd because of my tardiness.  met john and Karen on the way in. Noel Norrish had

I met with two well known artists and friends Peta Miller and Ron McCathie as well as Rob & Anne. We met  just out of Northam and they had brought all the makings for a lovely picnic. Sometimes life is tough on the road.

Walked along the road in the dark 2k’s outside Bakers Hill I heard a voice in the dark”Do you want a beer” “too right” I said. I got to meet a very interesting guy called Dingo his future father-in -law Curly and Dingo’s partner Kirsty who is very pregnant. I met Dingo’s son Rhys who he calls the King of Wales He was diagnosed with ADHD. He left home at 17 to join the circus. Dingo used to look after the elephants and would break open the bales of hay;  the elephant would hit him over the head with his trunk if it thought he was stealing his food. In fact he would be removing the string that binds the hay to save it’s lfe. He used to get an extra $50 for his efforts if knocked out.

Dingo has been a single Dad looking after his son Dingo for 9 years he has done a great job.

I slept in luxury in there camper.

Met luke Salvaiire  he is a Tech Service Manager for Franklin Electric he kindly drove back to Baker’s Hill to get me a coffee and the best vegetarian pie in the world.

Thanks Norm & Julie for everything got the photos and the article for Kal Miner.  Norm’s Sister runs an Orphanage in Shri Lanka.  Worth a look

Thank you to all the people I have met on the road . I am sorry if I have missed you. i will continue the blog and when I get orgaised with all my scraps of paper and you never know.

the only word I could come up with when I walked into Fremantle (I did have a speech prepared in my head) so afraid of crying my mind focused on not showing emotion.  It was just fantastic I was shepherded into Kings Square and I could hear Voicemale singing then I caught sight of the crowd. Familiar faces of old friends new friends I had met on the way family and people who have listened to Macca and Russel Wolfe. Then I could smell the BBQ  ;the Mens Shed were cooking a suasage sizzle. Bill Johnstone the president was asked by the Mayor could they do it. Alan & Fred ( Fred built my first buggy) cooked sausages for the carnivores and some really nice Veggie ones for me.

Our young and progressive Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt made a presentation of a wooden shield and he said some kind words,then my big opportunity to thank everyone was lost in a possible sunami of tears. People to thank. Firstly MaryEllen for her quiet support. She sent me letters each week and was there for me in the difficult times and for when I was being difficult. Colleen McKenny my partner at work at the One Stop Shop on Wednesdays . She contacted me at least once a week to see if all was ok and to give me something to laugh about. She first came with me to see our Mayor and Lily his secretary and ask for his assistance; which he gave most enthusiastcally. Mens Sheds across the country in particular the Fremanshed & Melton Mens shed Bill and Darren Cunningham.

Will attempt to get some photos attached.

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Blog 14

Tuesday June 14

I arrived at Southern Cross today – not long to go.  I arrive on 26 June so it is going to be very tight as I have to wait here for mail in the morning and arrange to be in Merridin on Saturday night to leave Sunday morning.  then there will be  a race from then on to be on time!  Bill rang from the Mens’ Shed; they will have a “Sausage Sizzle: at King’s Square, arranged by our mayor, Brad Pettit.  Paul and Fred are going to cook the BBQ.  Fred built George the 1st, the buggy from 2009.

I rang Adam from the Kalgoorlie Miner; he is now working for BHP Billiton.  He arranged for reporters to contact me.  Thomas, a cadet reporter, came out to interview me.  I am not sure if it will make it into the paper; maybe someone can google it.

I met the following interesting people this week:

Thursday 9.6. I had in interesting talk with Elizabeth and Murray from Nabiac near Taree in NSW.  They have just been to Ningaloo Reef for the second time and love it.  They are marathon kayakers, who recently complete 100km paddle from the Hawkebgury to Brooklyn.  They know Marin Dearnley’s son who started Ulysses Motorcycle Club who also collect for arthritis research.  They always fundraise for a specific area of research.  In our case, we are raising awareness for a chair at Curtin.

Mick Cowley, a truck driver with Buncker, who stopped to donate.  He lives in Eucla and wanted offer a bed but it was never the right place to stop.  Drivers have been extremely courteous and helpful along the way.  Phil, my mentor truck driver came through again with goodies,

Joanne at Norseman had a chat; she has four children and heaps of grandkids; Jimmy and Rodney stopped for a brief chat; they are repairers with the road department; Brad and Mim, prospectors with Eagle gold mine – they weren’t giving any tips; Avon, a bee artificial inseminator and there are only seven in WA; Joan and Jim Topping from Bullsbrook in Queensland; Brennan Rigger and Stuart Carpenter are going to the desalination plant construction in Wonthaggi; Kim and Evelyn gave me a tip about their horse next Saturday – doubt I can bet a bet on; Reg and Dorothy Fox have been to – I can’t read my own writing – my fingers are so cold sometimes…

Raylene at a distance who will be a bride on the 25th at Hill Manor in Baldivis.  She must be a really good friend as her friends Cath and Coral, have flown out from London for the wedding.  They were a lot of fun as they both pushed the buggy for a distance.  We all wish Raylene and her partner a happy and loving marriage. They told the next family to pass on their best wishes.

Julie and Norm gave me a beautiful meal of pasta and red wine (life’s tough on the road).  this was the third time a was the They arranged for some free accommodation at the Coolgardie Tourist Park.  They have been on the road for four years.  They are very likeable; I would like to keep in touch.  I almost forgot- hot porridge for breakfast!

Chris and Shona and their two little girls that I met for the second time had been shopping in Southern Cross and opened their boot to feed me, as I was getting pretty low on food. People’s generosity is remarkable.

I met young Emily, a geophysicist for KCGM and very level-headed and mature beyond her tender age; we met a couple of times as she goes backwards and forwards to the minesites.  She went to Pembrook Girls’ College in Mount Evelyn where Michelle, Darren and my two very bright grandsons live.  She moved to Kal with all the family; they used to live in Yarra Valley in Vic.

Anthony and Donna Dixon from Killarney in Victoria (I hope I got that right – cold finger syndrome again) and their beautiful children: Mimi (11), Meg (8), Ollie (6) and the boy in the family Jerry (19 months).  What a beautiful loving family!  I am blown away by how many families are giving their children such a rich education of traveling around Australia and sharing it all together.  My daughter Michelle and her husband Darren did this with their two boys.  My father never drove a car in his life.  Maybe that’s why I never thought of doing this.  But I still cannot help feeling I wish I had given my three girls this experience.






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Blogs 11 and 12

Stats: I have ben traveling 40 km every day since Cocklebiddy and this brings my average on day 95 to 30.15.  There are 715 km to go at an average of 32 km/day.

This blog is thanks to Teresa Wade who has lent me her computer.  Not only that, but also free accommodation with spa at the lovely old Railway Hotel in Norseman.  Not all tough on the road.


The following people have stopped to talk and assist where they could:

Debbie, who rode across once for leukemia; June and Bob Pearson; Elizageth and Grad;

Sue and Allan from the Balladonia Homestead sent out a baked potato au gratin with Bob, the Nullarbor postie just as I was leaving Caiguna – and it was still hot!  I stayed with them at the homestead in 2009 and they left instructions for me to stay again.  Unfortunately I could not find them in the dark.  It would have been very welcome as the temperature was below freezing so the tent had to be folded very carefully to avoid damage as it was frozen.  We had dinner at the roadhouse together.  Allan said a prayer of thanks and I suggested we hold hands the way we do at home (Mary Ellen’s influence).  It was priceless to see Ben the drover’s reactions.  They are getting ready for mustering as the station is very much a working station; it is amazing to me that their land goes all the way to Derby in the north.

When I was at Eucla, Macca suggested I see the wather station so I stayed a little longer and Mike, the new manager, gave me a tour and explained all their equipment.  A lot was familiar; painting in dry dock uses similar techniques of checking dew points, ambient and steel temps.

Harry agave me some chocolate

The walk is among other thins a walk of thanksgiving; the pain in my knees and legs really makes me grateful because I am still able to walk.  Many have gone past the time where they can walk; in the same way I can no longer run.  But I could have kept up a level of fitness to keep running.

Met a happy bankd from Mandurah: Tony and Lyn and Wayne and Anne.  Watne and Anne are brother and sister, travelling to warrigual in Victoria chasing their roots.  Wayne showed me the documents of their ancestor Captain Anderson, who gave the best account of the Battle of Trafalgar as he was Captain of the Prince.

Met: Lyn and Gary from Bendigo, Jonas Bertsen and Cyril; Sue and Ron Baxter from Hamilton; Leone and Bill Sunney; Colin and Carol Creely from Devonport

May 26

Met Barbara and Lindsey. Barbara broke her lets on the second day of their holiday.  They were very complimentary about Royal Perth hospital; Ron and May from Roleystone;

Kevin, who gave me an alarm clock in 2009, introduced me to another caravaner, Malcolm who made coffee and I supplied biscuits.  I will see them again on June 26, along with Matt and Kylie, travelling from Melbourne and staying at Spearwood.

Gary Clark, from Pooncare on the Carling River, was going to see the first grandchild; Steve and Jean from Rutherglen were going to meet their daughter in Perth to travel with her; Raymond was going up to the mines in Carnarvon

Vin and Robin are going around the country – great for their four children (Jordan, 12; Adam, 9; Ben, 8; Jasmine, 6). They have a blog

Ian’s father Mick told Ian and Gayle to say hello; margaret and John were from Lake Munmora; Jean Gubbins’ grandfather Jack cycled from Fremantle to the Easter States inn 1906 – imagine what the road were like then! Edmund’s son lives in Melbourne; Chris and Michelle from the UK made me a cup of tea with a Timtam; Roy, who drives for Apollo and is going to see his grandkids, gave me a beer and some peaches; Geoff and Kath and Robert and Sandy were TAE teachers together, who shared tea and nut cakeand a very pleasant talk; Graham and Helen from Bunbury

Sunday May 29

I met Albert MacDonald, who once cycled from Darwin to Adelaide; Di Mills and Mike Roberts from Udunda, north of the Barossa; Trevor and Joy, going to see Esperance and Albany – another one crossed off the bucket list; Nial from Dublin and Juliet French chatted about how Dublin’s millennium and our 200 years coincided;   Grant McKern is going around Oz on a motorbike but he once rode a penny farthing from Melbourne to Albury for charity and rowed the Murray at 60 km/day

Melvin, who has just completed his PhD in neuroscience, came along on a recumbent cycle as we were talking.  He camped in the donga next door and has a blog (but I’ve lost your business card Melvin – send it on e-mail).

Monday May 30

I met Carol and Dave Cato; Tom and Rhonda from the Gold Coast who were going home to take some stuff back but are going around again; Melvin at the 30 km mark; I had woken him as my alarm goes off at 3am.

While I was with him Joy Norling drove up, supplied food and medicines and had paid for accommodation at Fraser Range paid forward.

Woodsey, from the guys from the Tophat Trucking, stopped for a chat.

Walked another 10km and to bed.

Tuesday May 31

I had to walk 50 km to get to Fraser Range.  I met Minek and Grace from Adelaide and originally from Poland; Richard Everly and Sharyn Bagios, a delightful couple who are exploring their spirituality; Lisa and Dell who have a business called; Mike and Jo Foote; Don and Clare; Peter in a coaster going to Geraldton to stay with his daughter

At Fraser Range they ahd a huge fire going and a pleasant group around it.  They all seemed to know each other.  Pat played guitar and ha d a lovely singing voice.  They all dipped into their pockets and we raised $100.  Len and Margie Sydney, originally from the US, have three children named after stars: Antaris, Orion and Rigula.  Sheryl and Andrew are from Newtown in Victoria.  Alan and Mary are going to Broome to see the birth of their seventh grandchild.  I met two very interesting women: Sue works with AIDS sufferers; we must remember there are still many people dying of AIDS.  Helen has worked with the Indigenous and still has an open house in Adelaide where they are all welcome, especially the ones with health challenges.  I had a very enjoyable evening AND I got my washing done which always makes me happy.

TOne of the truck drivers who has been trying to stop because he lives in Ceduna, Mick Cowley, wanted to offer accommodation.  This time he did manage to stop and made a nice donation.


I hang Ian Glover this morning; he rang back and said he wll contact The West Australian.  I rang Adam from The Kalgoorlie Miner; no response yet.

Janice from norseman brought out a coffee and at the end of the day made a meal of cheese and tomatoes on toast.  This is the first time I have had anything but white bread for a month.

Two Polish photographers, Steve and Peter, one on a motorbike, the other in a car,  took some photos; they are from The National Geographic.

Curtin Radio rang and made an on-air spot for June 30.  Troy the Truckie gave me a large bag of goodies and said, “This is your play lunch.”

[Ed: here, abruptly, endeth the lesson; but wait – there will be more…]


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Blog 10

24 May: 33 days to go

Stats: walked 2430 at 28.4 km

I arrived at Caiguna today.  Due to an error and my being slack, I will how have to walk at least 35 km/day from now on.

Thanks to many people:

Lindsay Nicholls of Greenock from the Ulysses Club for his donation for the solar charger and phone.  Ray and Joy Johnston and their daughter and son-in-law, all from Dapto, NSW.  I first met them at Nullarbor when Ray fixed my axle; then later they replenished my food after the mice.  Doug and Kata moving to Perth for work.  Steve Lovell for hat, gloves and matches and he will get in touch with Jenny d’Anger at Freo Herald for me.  Tim and Sally Campbell and John and Cherry who had had dinner with Tim and Sally the night before.  Murray and Eliza Shark.  Eva and Gus Underwood from Kyabram.  Keith marshall.  Jo the road pilot who lives in Hammy Hill.  He listens to Macca as do most people who stop.  Kerin and Anise from France; I gave them Mary Ellen’s number for her famous Freo tour.  Barry and Elaine Rose, who had just had an operation for cancer and is doing well.  Craig, who is working for six months in Perth plus Mum (Jules).  Rosie and Karina all barrack for Collingwood and seem very happy with themselves; they are all travelling in a motorbike and side car – what an adventure!  Squeak, a truck driver, offered food and sustenance on his route from Townsville to Perth.  Darren Totterday is cycling from Perth to Sydney.  I met Bernie from Esperance who knows my old friend Peter Hudson.  Mike has just cycled across the USA and is now going from Sydney to Perth.

Simon from the Nullarbor Traveller gave me some TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein).  He had two German girl passengers, Oslem and ? (sorry).  Terry and Meryl made me a cup of tea, bless ’em.  Oh and I forgot Sheba, the dog.

Colin Stubbings has had both knees replaced and Joan has walked the Bibbulmun.  Dave and Heather were from Toodyay.  I had a pleasant time talking with Anne and Con Zigurs, Harry and Lyn, Trina and Glen Costin, Nakiya and Kellen, Mick from Chapel Motorbike Tours, Adele Weatherall from Woolongong and Anne and David Cooper (alias Coop).

Julie Beave from South Australia walked a kilometer with me and back to her car; she is off to Margaret River to work with WWWOOG (willing worker on organic farms).  Kath and Taj from Port Elliott gave me a cup of tea in their Coaster.  I met Neal and Eunice Garnow; she is a cousin of my hero Ross.

Anne Kuijken from Braben in Holland was one of many Dutch people I’ve met on this trip.  David and Christine Walker from Orford in Tasmania gave me some Werther caramels.  Patrick is looking for work and a house; then he’ll bring family  Bill from north Wales sailed around the world single-handed; he had just had bowel cancer and bypass surgery.  It is inspiring that he is now driving around Oz.

I met a young Afghanistani who wanted to be so helpful.  I am sure that if I had asked him to push the buggy all the way he would have.  Jawad Shahi gave me half his pistachio nuts which I have been enjoying over the last few days as well as other goodies.

Mr and Mrs Errol Tucker (sorry; did not get names) had to move on quickly because of traffic and rain.  Mrs made a cake in Sydney and brought it out; it sustained me, especially when I was getting low on food.

Bruce and Sue on holiday will connect on line.

On Sunday morning I met a young man who called Macca for me as I will not have phone coverage until Norseman, about 450kms.  At least I got to talk to Macca.

I met Trevor and Michelle from Murrambeena, Vic, Julie and Stuart Johnston from Portland, Vic.  Debbie rode across the Nullarbor for leukemia one year.  June and Bob Pearson had just been to Geraldton for a family visit.  jan and Gordon Burgess were from Wagga Wagga.

The staff at Caiguna via Sisi have given me a soft toy eagle to take with me to keep the blue bear company.  I know someone at home who will be happy with it.)  I will need a Dockers’ scarf for balance on my entry into Freo.

I am now off from Caiguna to Balladonia, keeping in mind I must do at least 37km from now on every day.

Love to all



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Blog 9

This blog comes to you via Sharky (Dave).  This morning I walked from Border Village to Eucla to find out they do not have a computer; so Dave let me his car to drive back to SA to write this.  All it cost is a packet or cigarettes.  What a shock – I had no idea a packet now costs $23!

Sunday 8th May Celebrations over and on the road.  Anne and Robin brought out the business cards and receipt books – another cause for celebration.  I expect our fund raising should now take off.  Joy oh joy! they gave me a complete Weekend Australian and a nice bottle of red.  thanks again, Nan, for organising the mail

A message from home read “Happy Birthday, darling, from Mary Anne”.  Vice recognition technology at Telstra could get a man hung; it should have read “from Mary Ellen”.

Steps Kerensa and Andrew put a bruthday donation on the web; thanks, guys, much appreciated.  As well as all the others.  Renee rang for my birthday; she was also going to put something on the webl  Ihaven’t checked yet (she did; ed).  Michelle, Darren, Janes and Lockie sent a message that Lockie’s arms are mended.

On three nights this week I have been visited/invaded by mice; they have eaten a number of holes in the tent.  it is not very pleasant to be woken at midnight by droppings falling on one’s face and furry little bodies running over one.  My own fault – it has been raining every night and I take food into the tent to eat dry.  I will have to change this practice.  that first time there were six mice and because I’m vegetarian and non-violent, I had great difficulty removing them.  As I ushered one out, a new one would enter.  They would leave only by the holes they had made.  After one and half hours I was considering a rethink of my non-violence stand.  The buggy was also infested and I had to throw out quite a lot of food.  Cleaning up also goes on.  By the way, I met some German travellers who have a van also with mice in it and they cannot sleep at night for the noise.

Many people have helped replace my food: Jay, Dougrey and Patrick Young from Specialized, an American cycle equipment supplier, gave me a trail mix that was delicious.  Errol and Tannit Wishart also fed me.  Gary, Pauline and their son Steve were very generous wtht food and their time.  Steve had just spent six months in the spinal unit in Sydney.  I was blessed to meet them.

Gary and Karen Morten and their two bright young daughters Tia and Aria had been talking to Kerensa at the Masters Nationals at Challenge Stadium  They also left me with a sway of food.  Gary took away at least 3 gold.  I told them about Mary Ellen’s bronze.  They all live in Mt Eliza where I once owned a couple of blocks of land.

Gary and Pattie offered me a liftt on a swmi – very tempting.  I saw them on the way back and they gave some welcoume chocolate bars.

Lyn Herbert and Graham (Grumpy) Paisley, a builder from Geelong, were both smiling – even Grumpy – because they had raced to Eucla to watch the Cats beat the Woods.  I must say that makes me smile too.  Graham and Lyn are about to enjoy more leisure time.  being chauffeured in the back was the very charming Wilma (I think I have it right) step-mother-in-law.  They had been to Perth to celebrate someone’s mother’s 80th birthday.

Phil Legget is giving me support as he did last time; he provides me with energy bars and a whiz of a drink called XS.  I drank two cans of this in one day before reading that it is not recommended.  I seemed to be jet propelled, especially as I have a surfeit of caffeine out here.  Phil makes the journey every six weeks, so I should see him once more.l

I met the artist Earl Hingston and his wife Helen (nice peppermint tea.  I have seen Earl’s work before – mainly marine and landscapes.  they have a 5th wheeler like Ian and Ruth, my guardian angels on the road.

Kam Kok Yan, a professional photographer, took photos for a Malaysian magazine.  i will give you a facebook page where you can see them.

All in all, a trying week but with a lot more ups than downs.

There will be long days without communication from here on.

I am still on target and I will be in King’s Square Fremantle at 2pm on Sunday the 26th of June; see you there.

Much love to all


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blog 9 continued

I rang Ailene and Judith, also from school, to tell them I’d spoken to Bob.  It is strange how we 70-year-olds are carrying on as if we were still young kids.  It makes me feel ageless.

Three New Zealanders – Angus O’Sullivan, Rory and Sarah,  going right around the country clockwise starting in Sydney – impressed me, especially that Angus broke his journey to fly home to New Zealand to see a friend in the late stages of leukemia.  It said a lot to me about his character.

Thursday 5/5

I had a special time with Daniel Franzen, who lives on Swanbourne Street, a continuation of my East Street.  Dan reversed his car so we could talk while he prepared a magnificent cup of coffee grinding the beans and percolating the coffee.  We sat and talked – about walking mostly, but all kinds of topics.  Timeless talk.  It is really special when people take the time to get to know one another.  Dan also told me enough about the founder of Great Walk networking to want to know more

Suez going to work in Rockingham.

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Blog Week 9

Day 67 Stats: 1923 km from Melbourne   Av: 29.14

Nomination for Sainthood: Nan at Ceduna Roadhouse for all she has done.   Parcel will be sent today via a grey Nomad.

My three truck drivers brought back my camera that I was so careless with (good guys).

Thanks to Ben at the Nullarbor Roadhouse for lending me his computer.  This would not be possible otherwise as it’s 196km to the next stop.  I was going to wait until the post truck arrives latest at 9.30 this evening.  My plan was to walk through the evening to make up the lost day.

I have just been told by Adam at the roadhouse that Arthritis WA is paying for my accommodation here and a meal for my birthday tomorrow.   I had a call form Mary-Ann from Arthritis WA letting me know that.  I also have accommodation at Eucla as well.

Actually I needed to give my right leg a rest because the muscle is very tight from pushing up the hills.  Of course I would have kept going becuase I find most pains go away when you keep moving.

Phil Legget, a truck driver, left me flask of Chivas Regal and other goodies.  He travels this route every six weeks.  i will see him on Sunday night.  We are having a campfire and a chat somewhere along the way.

I met a French couple – Eric and Tiffany – who made a birthday cake and sparkler and sang “Bon anniversaire”.  Lovely couple.  You will see them in Freo, Mary Ellen.

I saw Ian and Jan from Rockingham for the second time; the first time they gave me a beer going into Ceduna, then apples and chocolate.

Monday 2/5

I met Roger, a 64-year-old cycling around the glove for the last 5 years since retirement.  Nice to meet a like-minded gentleman.

I called into Yalata, where I met Brendan at the Community store and allowed me to shop and tucked in some mushrooms for me.   As well I met the local policeman Brad and his wife Trish; she works as a disability officer.  I consider it a privilege to go into the community.  Also I met Danny, the land officer.  It is remarkable that there are no bushflies when you go through these lands as I usually carry half a kilo of flies on the buggy, not to mention the March flies.

Tuesday 3/5

Lorna and Kingston stopped for a chant and loaded me up with shortbread and created an addiction for condensed milk and coffee.

Wednesday 4/5

I met Trevor and Con; they go out to check that the emergency telephones are usable for the commonwealth government.   Alex is on his way to Perth to find work.  I must say I’ve met a few people doing this.

Kevin and Barbara Oakley went to Our Lady’s in Sunshine, my old school, and are friends of my special friend Bob Saunders.  We worked together in the butcher shop on Saturday morning.  We rang Bob and Pauline.  It gives me a real lift whenever I talk to Bob.

Editor: there might be more to this blog but when I printed it off for editing, I came to the end of the page and didn’t realise there might be more.  I’m afraid I’ll lose this if I try going back to the original so keep your eye on this space for next week.

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