Week 4

Monthly Stats
 March 827km  29.53 km per day

Week 4 

21 st March

Gave a talk to the Year 8 Maths class; I suspect they would enjoy any distraction from the usual. Seemed a particularly bright class, quite different from my year 8 days.


Walked 32 km into Tailem Bend. Had a Vego Foccacio at the Morning Loaf . Owner John very pleasant fellow.  Met his son Adam a couple of days later at a Surf shop.

25th Nairne

Walked in late – no accommodation anywhere so sat by the fire at the pub and charged up my batteries: mental and phone.  Had a counter tea.  The publican Roger said, “We aren’t licenced for accomodation; however, you can sleep in the barn out the back.”  I put the tent up, not wanting to share with crickets.


Walked into Mount Barker, the fastest growing town in SA. Malcolm, the Mayor’s husband, directed me into their place and looked after me royally. The mayor was substituting for Senator Nick Xenophon to open the show. I got there just in time to to hear her speech.
I was made into a minor celebrity (?) when I judged the Trade display. I gave the prize to the Mt Barker High School, mainly for their art work and presentation. It was the best in my mind anyway.
Left mid afternoon heading for the Adelaide Hills. Stopped at Grumpie’s, a pub that makes its own beer.  I met Grumpy and he turned out to be quite pleasant.
I slept out on the Bridge water oval. Pleasant night; very little noise.

Had breakfast at Aldgate, a very lively spot; a woman in the queue Lisa paid for my breakfast. 


Ian (Mark Weston’s brother-in-law) met me on the road  just befor Crafers and directed me in. He drove home and walked back to meet me and we took a less severe route. Elenor had been on nursing night shift, so I took the opportunity to have a little sleep and hear the results of my beloved Essendon’s score.  In the evening Sue, Mark’s wife, brought a delicious soup and Ian baked a tasty vegetarian lasagne. We all had a lovely meal; poor Mark was in Huston on US rations.  (Thanks, Elenor and Ian for a lovely stopover; not to mention my first bath in a month.
Met up with Sue and Mark straight from the airport.  They bought me lunch and gave directions on getting out of Adelaide.
Because the road is not walker friendly I had to push the buggy on the grass. I had multiple punctures in all 3 tyres.  Mark came to my rescue with four inner tubes. He also sent Rod out from Incospec to help. After Rod left I got another puncture.  I was at my wits’ end at this point.
Three students from TAFE – TraeWatson,Shane Smith and Daniel Priest – helped me get back on the road.
Camped out and next day Mark rang and suggested we get some puncture proof tyres. He went to Peter and Leah’s bike shop and brought them out to Two Wells. Now I am prepared for anything. Thanks Mark and all.


About afwa0987

On the 16th May 2009 sixty-nine year old osteoarthritis sufferer, Mike Pauly, set off from his home in East Fremantle on a lone journey walking across the Nullarbor in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis. He completed the epic 3617km walk unaided. In 2011 he will walk again – this time from Melbourne to Perth. Mike will be pushing all his food, water, clothes and tent in a customised baby buggy and will camp out for 70% of the trip. He will experience the extremes of the Nullarbor and will walk a minimum of 30 km per day. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of being overweight, Mike started walking. After reading Deanna Sorenson’s account of walking unsupported across the Nullarbor, Mike decided he would walk from his home in Fremantle to Federation Square Melbourne via Coolgardie before his 70th birthday in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis WA.
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One Response to Week 4

  1. Darren Beck says:

    Hi Mike

    Good on you!! I heard you on Macca this morning and you sounded pretty flat. When I stopped to chat to you I mentioned I’d arrange accommodation at the caravan park in Ceduna where you stayed on the way over. As such I have contacted the Top Tourist Park in Ceduna and left details to put you up for 1 or 2 nights when you get there. Hope this will help.

    Hang in there Sir and a pleasure to say hello this morning (Sunday)

    Kind Regards

    Darren Beck

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