Stats. Hang on to your hats!   Since I left  on the 1st of March I have averaged 30 .15 km per day.

I am taking this opportunity while I am in Port Augusta to use the computer. A busy day today.  I have contacted the Intercontinental Newspaper. They wanted a photo op with Men’s Shed Guys but they are not there.  We will try senior cits.

 I have tracked the Mayor Joy Baluch down, owner of the Palms Motel.  She is quite extraordinary – 79 in October and has been Mayor for 28 years . Hope I can get to meet her.

While I think of it: had a lovely red wine at Ian & Elenore’s called Matioli – Jester

Called in at Port Germein Golf club and met some lady golfers: Vanessa, Judy, Jenny and Shirley.  They provided a feast and two mugs of tea; this is bliss.  They were meeting  to nut out a new American golf handicap system called “Slope”.

Along the way I met a journalist named Chris and his daughter Sarah who was born in Singapore.  Her parents are German and Chris is writing about  the mining towns in OZ; Coober Pedy next.

On these long stretches sometimes you cannot camp very far off the road so I am jammed between the railway traffic and the road traffic. On the other hand I am getting to know the train drivers; they now give me a toot. Truck drivers have their own way of encouraging me with a flash of the indicator or sometimes they give me a wide berth to prevent the wind blowing me over; that is if there is enough room.  Otherwise I get off the road.  When the wind is against you and a roadtrain comes along, it is like hitting a brick wall. So far it is mostly against me.

One of my main concerns has been mosquitos.  No matter how much I try to Rid them they always find a spot I’ve missed. There have been 900 cases of Murray River encephalitis and Ross River virus in the areas I have been going through with two fatalities.  So I went to the Doctor today and got a flu shot and asked about symptoms.  Seems I am ok.

Another sign of going through the wet areas of Vic and SA is the numerous frogs, snakes, mice and locusts . I am noticing their lack now I am in the arid areas.

I have now changed  3 inner tubes and put on one new tyre. I think my mattress also has a puncture.  I will check tonight.

Last night before I came into PT Augusta  Joyce gave me about one and half litres of water; I had miscalculated again on my water. Fortunately, she keeps nice rainwater for her poodles. (My apology if I have your name wrong.)
Today also, when Ian Glover meets me, it will be nice to see a familiar face.  And I am having dinner with Ian and Ruth in their 5 wheeler.  I must say they have been very kind to me.  

Regards to all

Mike Pauly


About afwa0987

On the 16th May 2009 sixty-nine year old osteoarthritis sufferer, Mike Pauly, set off from his home in East Fremantle on a lone journey walking across the Nullarbor in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis. He completed the epic 3617km walk unaided. In 2011 he will walk again – this time from Melbourne to Perth. Mike will be pushing all his food, water, clothes and tent in a customised baby buggy and will camp out for 70% of the trip. He will experience the extremes of the Nullarbor and will walk a minimum of 30 km per day. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of being overweight, Mike started walking. After reading Deanna Sorenson’s account of walking unsupported across the Nullarbor, Mike decided he would walk from his home in Fremantle to Federation Square Melbourne via Coolgardie before his 70th birthday in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis WA.
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4 Responses to

  1. hi mike its great to hear your still walking
    your beloved bombers thrashed st kilda last
    great football

  2. Darren Beck says:

    Hey Mike

    I arranged the accommodation in Ceduna. I tried emailing Lee at Sunday with Macca but to no avail.
    Take care Sir and hope all is well.

    Kind Regards


  3. Brad Pettitt says:

    hi Mike

    I hope all is going well.

    I gave your walk a plug on my blog too

    all the best, Brad

    • afwa0987 says:

      Hi Brad
      Thanks for a great welcome on Sunday. Sorry I could not manage any words too afraid of making a fool of myself .(although many would say I had already done that by walking for 4 months.)
      I had rehearsed such a fine speech; but that will have to wait for a less emotional time.
      I think we are lucky in Fremantle to have you for our Mayor.
      Best regards

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