Blog 9

This blog comes to you via Sharky (Dave).  This morning I walked from Border Village to Eucla to find out they do not have a computer; so Dave let me his car to drive back to SA to write this.  All it cost is a packet or cigarettes.  What a shock – I had no idea a packet now costs $23!

Sunday 8th May Celebrations over and on the road.  Anne and Robin brought out the business cards and receipt books – another cause for celebration.  I expect our fund raising should now take off.  Joy oh joy! they gave me a complete Weekend Australian and a nice bottle of red.  thanks again, Nan, for organising the mail

A message from home read “Happy Birthday, darling, from Mary Anne”.  Vice recognition technology at Telstra could get a man hung; it should have read “from Mary Ellen”.

Steps Kerensa and Andrew put a bruthday donation on the web; thanks, guys, much appreciated.  As well as all the others.  Renee rang for my birthday; she was also going to put something on the webl  Ihaven’t checked yet (she did; ed).  Michelle, Darren, Janes and Lockie sent a message that Lockie’s arms are mended.

On three nights this week I have been visited/invaded by mice; they have eaten a number of holes in the tent.  it is not very pleasant to be woken at midnight by droppings falling on one’s face and furry little bodies running over one.  My own fault – it has been raining every night and I take food into the tent to eat dry.  I will have to change this practice.  that first time there were six mice and because I’m vegetarian and non-violent, I had great difficulty removing them.  As I ushered one out, a new one would enter.  They would leave only by the holes they had made.  After one and half hours I was considering a rethink of my non-violence stand.  The buggy was also infested and I had to throw out quite a lot of food.  Cleaning up also goes on.  By the way, I met some German travellers who have a van also with mice in it and they cannot sleep at night for the noise.

Many people have helped replace my food: Jay, Dougrey and Patrick Young from Specialized, an American cycle equipment supplier, gave me a trail mix that was delicious.  Errol and Tannit Wishart also fed me.  Gary, Pauline and their son Steve were very generous wtht food and their time.  Steve had just spent six months in the spinal unit in Sydney.  I was blessed to meet them.

Gary and Karen Morten and their two bright young daughters Tia and Aria had been talking to Kerensa at the Masters Nationals at Challenge Stadium  They also left me with a sway of food.  Gary took away at least 3 gold.  I told them about Mary Ellen’s bronze.  They all live in Mt Eliza where I once owned a couple of blocks of land.

Gary and Pattie offered me a liftt on a swmi – very tempting.  I saw them on the way back and they gave some welcoume chocolate bars.

Lyn Herbert and Graham (Grumpy) Paisley, a builder from Geelong, were both smiling – even Grumpy – because they had raced to Eucla to watch the Cats beat the Woods.  I must say that makes me smile too.  Graham and Lyn are about to enjoy more leisure time.  being chauffeured in the back was the very charming Wilma (I think I have it right) step-mother-in-law.  They had been to Perth to celebrate someone’s mother’s 80th birthday.

Phil Legget is giving me support as he did last time; he provides me with energy bars and a whiz of a drink called XS.  I drank two cans of this in one day before reading that it is not recommended.  I seemed to be jet propelled, especially as I have a surfeit of caffeine out here.  Phil makes the journey every six weeks, so I should see him once more.l

I met the artist Earl Hingston and his wife Helen (nice peppermint tea.  I have seen Earl’s work before – mainly marine and landscapes.  they have a 5th wheeler like Ian and Ruth, my guardian angels on the road.

Kam Kok Yan, a professional photographer, took photos for a Malaysian magazine.  i will give you a facebook page where you can see them.

All in all, a trying week but with a lot more ups than downs.

There will be long days without communication from here on.

I am still on target and I will be in King’s Square Fremantle at 2pm on Sunday the 26th of June; see you there.

Much love to all



About afwa0987

On the 16th May 2009 sixty-nine year old osteoarthritis sufferer, Mike Pauly, set off from his home in East Fremantle on a lone journey walking across the Nullarbor in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis. He completed the epic 3617km walk unaided. In 2011 he will walk again – this time from Melbourne to Perth. Mike will be pushing all his food, water, clothes and tent in a customised baby buggy and will camp out for 70% of the trip. He will experience the extremes of the Nullarbor and will walk a minimum of 30 km per day. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of being overweight, Mike started walking. After reading Deanna Sorenson’s account of walking unsupported across the Nullarbor, Mike decided he would walk from his home in Fremantle to Federation Square Melbourne via Coolgardie before his 70th birthday in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis WA.
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4 Responses to Blog 9

  1. Doug and Sam says:

    Hello Mike!!!!
    Doug and Sam here. How are you? Did you get a new axle? I tried to get you one on the next town we passed, everywhere was shut with the good friday, bugger!!!!
    we left a note on the door of the bike shop explaining whats happend etc to try to get them to get you one dropped off, did anything come of it? We are looking forward to watching you cross the finish line mate. Keep up the good work and give em mice hell, good luck Mike.

    • afwa0987 says:

      Yup Yarrawonga sent one out allthough it was all my fault I over stressed it and had too much weight . The Chariot performed beautifully.Regards

  2. Malcolm Graham says:

    Hi Mike sounds like your trucking along now you are back in WA – Anyway you seemed to have walked approx 1820km in 75 days sorry to hear about the weather and mice have you been playing a pipe or something, are all the mice from SA following you into WA ……… Cheers Mal,

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