Blog 10

24 May: 33 days to go

Stats: walked 2430 at 28.4 km

I arrived at Caiguna today.  Due to an error and my being slack, I will how have to walk at least 35 km/day from now on.

Thanks to many people:

Lindsay Nicholls of Greenock from the Ulysses Club for his donation for the solar charger and phone.  Ray and Joy Johnston and their daughter and son-in-law, all from Dapto, NSW.  I first met them at Nullarbor when Ray fixed my axle; then later they replenished my food after the mice.  Doug and Kata moving to Perth for work.  Steve Lovell for hat, gloves and matches and he will get in touch with Jenny d’Anger at Freo Herald for me.  Tim and Sally Campbell and John and Cherry who had had dinner with Tim and Sally the night before.  Murray and Eliza Shark.  Eva and Gus Underwood from Kyabram.  Keith marshall.  Jo the road pilot who lives in Hammy Hill.  He listens to Macca as do most people who stop.  Kerin and Anise from France; I gave them Mary Ellen’s number for her famous Freo tour.  Barry and Elaine Rose, who had just had an operation for cancer and is doing well.  Craig, who is working for six months in Perth plus Mum (Jules).  Rosie and Karina all barrack for Collingwood and seem very happy with themselves; they are all travelling in a motorbike and side car – what an adventure!  Squeak, a truck driver, offered food and sustenance on his route from Townsville to Perth.  Darren Totterday is cycling from Perth to Sydney.  I met Bernie from Esperance who knows my old friend Peter Hudson.  Mike has just cycled across the USA and is now going from Sydney to Perth.

Simon from the Nullarbor Traveller gave me some TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein).  He had two German girl passengers, Oslem and ? (sorry).  Terry and Meryl made me a cup of tea, bless ’em.  Oh and I forgot Sheba, the dog.

Colin Stubbings has had both knees replaced and Joan has walked the Bibbulmun.  Dave and Heather were from Toodyay.  I had a pleasant time talking with Anne and Con Zigurs, Harry and Lyn, Trina and Glen Costin, Nakiya and Kellen, Mick from Chapel Motorbike Tours, Adele Weatherall from Woolongong and Anne and David Cooper (alias Coop).

Julie Beave from South Australia walked a kilometer with me and back to her car; she is off to Margaret River to work with WWWOOG (willing worker on organic farms).  Kath and Taj from Port Elliott gave me a cup of tea in their Coaster.  I met Neal and Eunice Garnow; she is a cousin of my hero Ross.

Anne Kuijken from Braben in Holland was one of many Dutch people I’ve met on this trip.  David and Christine Walker from Orford in Tasmania gave me some Werther caramels.  Patrick is looking for work and a house; then he’ll bring family  Bill from north Wales sailed around the world single-handed; he had just had bowel cancer and bypass surgery.  It is inspiring that he is now driving around Oz.

I met a young Afghanistani who wanted to be so helpful.  I am sure that if I had asked him to push the buggy all the way he would have.  Jawad Shahi gave me half his pistachio nuts which I have been enjoying over the last few days as well as other goodies.

Mr and Mrs Errol Tucker (sorry; did not get names) had to move on quickly because of traffic and rain.  Mrs made a cake in Sydney and brought it out; it sustained me, especially when I was getting low on food.

Bruce and Sue on holiday will connect on line.

On Sunday morning I met a young man who called Macca for me as I will not have phone coverage until Norseman, about 450kms.  At least I got to talk to Macca.

I met Trevor and Michelle from Murrambeena, Vic, Julie and Stuart Johnston from Portland, Vic.  Debbie rode across the Nullarbor for leukemia one year.  June and Bob Pearson had just been to Geraldton for a family visit.  jan and Gordon Burgess were from Wagga Wagga.

The staff at Caiguna via Sisi have given me a soft toy eagle to take with me to keep the blue bear company.  I know someone at home who will be happy with it.)  I will need a Dockers’ scarf for balance on my entry into Freo.

I am now off from Caiguna to Balladonia, keeping in mind I must do at least 37km from now on every day.

Love to all




About afwa0987

On the 16th May 2009 sixty-nine year old osteoarthritis sufferer, Mike Pauly, set off from his home in East Fremantle on a lone journey walking across the Nullarbor in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis. He completed the epic 3617km walk unaided. In 2011 he will walk again – this time from Melbourne to Perth. Mike will be pushing all his food, water, clothes and tent in a customised baby buggy and will camp out for 70% of the trip. He will experience the extremes of the Nullarbor and will walk a minimum of 30 km per day. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of being overweight, Mike started walking. After reading Deanna Sorenson’s account of walking unsupported across the Nullarbor, Mike decided he would walk from his home in Fremantle to Federation Square Melbourne via Coolgardie before his 70th birthday in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis WA.
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