Stats.    I completed the journey from the 1st March til the 26th June –

118 days    Average 30.102  Kms per day.

Let’s backtrack to Merridin then onto  Fremantle.

I have from the 18th June till the 26th to complete the journey another 278 km.

Pleasant time in Merridin; stayed in a Motel luxury!

MaryEllen will add her comments: [I came out on the Prospector to meet Mike.  We sightsaw Saturday afternoon and Mike met a friend he hadn’t seen for decades, whom we invited to the hotel for coffee.  Said friend was relocating to the east, had bought new tires for the trip and had a split already!  On a Saturday after garages were shut, of course. Eventually he rang Mike from Norseman to say he had gone that far on his spare.  The next morning Mike left about 4am and I went back to bed.  I was told at the motel that the Uniting Church service was at 11am.  I didn’t think that was right so I arrived at 10am.  It had started at 9am and I was there at post-service coffee time, which they very kindly let me share.  Some people had heard Mike on Macca and Ray and Kay Snell made a donation and very kindly took me into their home until my train arrived.  I was glad to get home to my comfortable bed while Mike continued his voyage of cold and hard.]


Camped out at the old primary school in Doodlakine very comfortable night able to get an early start . I now set my alarm for 3.00 am and am usually on the road by 3.45 am . I have been doing 40 km /day since Cockalbiddy

Janice who I met in Norseman caught up again she had been to see the Dali Lama brought out soup and Cheese sandwiches. Must say she was a good person even before going to see his holiness.

Called into Kelleberrin Men’s Shed and met the President Rob Duncan Wanting to get there own premises. Space is a problem as they are restoring old Sunshine Harvesters as well as other things.

Hunter Bennett is an applicator for Rebound Ace & Plexipave with the wet weather in Qld he has come to WA to work

I met a Policewoman who turned out to be another guardian angel looking afterme in many ways ;she notified all the Police groups from Kelleberrin to Perth for them to look out for me. She also brought some food and a hot drink. As well as good advice. Constable Safrain is from Singapore and will be seeing her husband and daughter come here soon. She is a credit to the policeforce. Note she also came to see me arrive in Freo on her time off.    I am truly grateful.

People I met

Reg & Dorothy

Joan & Jim Topping from Bullsbrook on way to Queensland

Brendan a rigger from Moe and Stewart a carpenter they have been working on the desalanation in WA on way to similar in in Wonthagi.

Kim & Evelyn going to Kalgoolrie next Sunday

Lisa a warm hearted person stopped briefly; from the Breast Screening group. She works around different Country areas.

Met Lorraine & Richards and thier beautiful child Arie at Northam caravan park. Richard has been an underground miner while Lorraine audits banks to check what maintenance they may need. Arrie is almost 2 years old.

I had to walk 50 km to get into Northam in time for not a large reception but a very warm welcome . It was that for sure although I missed some of the crowd because of my tardiness.  met john and Karen on the way in. Noel Norrish had

I met with two well known artists and friends Peta Miller and Ron McCathie as well as Rob & Anne. We met  just out of Northam and they had brought all the makings for a lovely picnic. Sometimes life is tough on the road.

Walked along the road in the dark 2k’s outside Bakers Hill I heard a voice in the dark”Do you want a beer” “too right” I said. I got to meet a very interesting guy called Dingo his future father-in -law Curly and Dingo’s partner Kirsty who is very pregnant. I met Dingo’s son Rhys who he calls the King of Wales He was diagnosed with ADHD. He left home at 17 to join the circus. Dingo used to look after the elephants and would break open the bales of hay;  the elephant would hit him over the head with his trunk if it thought he was stealing his food. In fact he would be removing the string that binds the hay to save it’s lfe. He used to get an extra $50 for his efforts if knocked out.

Dingo has been a single Dad looking after his son Dingo for 9 years he has done a great job.

I slept in luxury in there camper.

Met luke Salvaiire  he is a Tech Service Manager for Franklin Electric he kindly drove back to Baker’s Hill to get me a coffee and the best vegetarian pie in the world.

Thanks Norm & Julie for everything got the photos and the article for Kal Miner.  Norm’s Sister runs an Orphanage in Shri Lanka.  Worth a look

Thank you to all the people I have met on the road . I am sorry if I have missed you. i will continue the blog and when I get orgaised with all my scraps of paper and you never know.

the only word I could come up with when I walked into Fremantle (I did have a speech prepared in my head) so afraid of crying my mind focused on not showing emotion.  It was just fantastic I was shepherded into Kings Square and I could hear Voicemale singing then I caught sight of the crowd. Familiar faces of old friends new friends I had met on the way family and people who have listened to Macca and Russel Wolfe. Then I could smell the BBQ  ;the Mens Shed were cooking a suasage sizzle. Bill Johnstone the president was asked by the Mayor could they do it. Alan & Fred ( Fred built my first buggy) cooked sausages for the carnivores and some really nice Veggie ones for me.

Our young and progressive Mayor of Fremantle Brad Pettitt made a presentation of a wooden shield and he said some kind words,then my big opportunity to thank everyone was lost in a possible sunami of tears. People to thank. Firstly MaryEllen for her quiet support. She sent me letters each week and was there for me in the difficult times and for when I was being difficult. Colleen McKenny my partner at work at the One Stop Shop on Wednesdays . She contacted me at least once a week to see if all was ok and to give me something to laugh about. She first came with me to see our Mayor and Lily his secretary and ask for his assistance; which he gave most enthusiastcally. Mens Sheds across the country in particular the Fremanshed & Melton Mens shed Bill and Darren Cunningham.

Will attempt to get some photos attached.


About afwa0987

On the 16th May 2009 sixty-nine year old osteoarthritis sufferer, Mike Pauly, set off from his home in East Fremantle on a lone journey walking across the Nullarbor in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis. He completed the epic 3617km walk unaided. In 2011 he will walk again – this time from Melbourne to Perth. Mike will be pushing all his food, water, clothes and tent in a customised baby buggy and will camp out for 70% of the trip. He will experience the extremes of the Nullarbor and will walk a minimum of 30 km per day. After being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees as a result of being overweight, Mike started walking. After reading Deanna Sorenson’s account of walking unsupported across the Nullarbor, Mike decided he would walk from his home in Fremantle to Federation Square Melbourne via Coolgardie before his 70th birthday in a bid to raise funds and awareness for Arthritis WA.
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